Wood Carving Classes

Dimitrios provides three types of wood carving classes:

1. Every Wednesday at 2-5 pm. Payment is $45, due at the time of the class.

2. Private classes with Dimitrios are available at his studio anytime during the week or on Saturdays from 9 am-12 pm. Cost is $50. 

3. Multi-day workshops with longer days are also available. Please call to schedule, (413) 566-5301.
1 Week / $1000.00
2 Weeks / $2000.00
A deposit payment via Paypal is required in advance.

Check out our list of local accomodations.

Dimitrios Klitsas is a master wood carver and teacher trained in the classical European tradition. Whether beginning student or experienced artisan, Dimitrios helps all to define and reach their individual goals for craftsmanship and artistry. All students work at their own pace, on their own projects, and receive the individual attention that they need to grow. Click here to read what Dimitrios' students say about learning from the master wood carver. Please call Dimitrios for more information about scheduling a workshop. He will work around your schedule to provide classes.

Work on Your Projects | Learn Carving Fundamentals 

Extended workshop sessions allow more time for new and regular wood carving students to spend a concentrated period on their own major projects. They will also find time for systematic training in handling tools and other wood carving fundamentals. Dimitrios teaches the skills of the professional artisan, as they were taught to him, beginning with how to stand before the work and how to hold and maintain the tools. Even accomplished carvers of long experience have found that they are now able to work longer without strain because of finally learning these important skills. Class topics include:

  • Basic Tool Control and Woodcarving Techniques

  • Correct Tool Cutting Edges and Sharpening

  • Fundamentals of Fine Woodcarving

  • Carving Organization and Form

  • Design Elements of Various Styles

Join the Community of Wood Carvers

Dimitrios is heir to a classical lineage of many styles which draws upon a long and ancient tradition. Classical woodcarving is an exciting form of self-expression in which one can find satisfaction on any level. This experience is made more rewarding by establishing sound, fundamental techniques. Join the rapidly expanding community of professional artisans and dedicated amateurs who have already reaped the benefits of Dimitrios' vast knowledge. 

Wood Carving Tool List (click here)

Please see our wood carving tool list, tools you must have in order to attend. If you have your own tools you are comfortable with, by all means bring them along with tools on the list.  All other materials are provided by school. Please also bring with you samples of your previous, as well as current work.