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Basswood Life Sized Crucifix

The basswood crucifix is 5 feet tall, mounted on a cherry cross built by John Carlo Woodworking of Westfield, Massachusetts. Dimitrios glued up the basswood blanks himself in order to be sure that the wood would support the carving that he planned. This work was created for a Roman Catholic...

Basswood Byzantine Pulpit


The pulpit was carved in basswood for an Orthodox Church in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Dimitrios built the piece himself, to dimensions established and adhered to in every church. There is an established reference work available providing specifications for liturgical cabinetmakers. The icons were painted on canvas by a qualified iconographer, mounted...

Basswood Panel Peacock and Grapes

This Byzantine style panel of a peacock eating grapes is to a religious theme, but not in the liturgical style, in reference to the scripture, “I am the vine, ye are the branches.” The peacock symbolizes life and death, depending on whether the tail is displayed or not. This is...

Byzantine Style Peacock Panel

Byzantine style panel of a peacock eating grapes, an image rich in meaning for the Orthodox Church. This is a recurring theme for Dimitrios. The work is in basswood, as are many of his formal liturgical pieces. This piece is religious in form, and more formal than a similar peacock...

Walnut Baptismal Font Surround

A Chicago architect requested this round baptismal font frame as a commission for a Protestant Church. The round frame was milled out of walnut by a Chicago area woodworker and shipped to Dimitrios. The architect provided a sketch on a water theme, including fish, wetlands and waves, which Dimitrios carved...

Byzantine Style Virgin Mary in Oak

Dimitrios carved this Virgin Mary in quartersawn red oak for a Roman Catholic monastery in Petersham, Massachusetts. Although a Benedictine monastery, they wanted the work to be in the Byzantine style, specifically a copy of a marble in Constantinople. The bas relief was mounted and displayed in a frame built...

Red Oak Byzantine Canopy

This Byzantine canopy is decorated with grape leaves and grapes, representing the church, in Orthodox iconography. It is carved out of red oak, instead of the usual basswood.

Mahogany Grapevine Themed Screen

Delicately carved grapes and leaves. This showpiece screen was carved on both sides from one piece of mahogany. It demonstrates the extreme delicacy of form that can be achieved by the master wood carver. Click here to see the panel featured in the television series "Making It Here" from WGBY, public television for...

Ball and Claw Foot Table Leg

This ball mahogany Ball and claw foot started out as a piece of furniture but wound up as a studio showpiece, demonstrating the uncanny realism that the woodcarver can achieve using such extreme undercuts. The leg appears to be supported completely by the tips of the three talons.  

Oak Church Door Panels

Massachusetts, USA

Dimitrios furnished carvings for both sides of these massive oak doors in a Roman Catholic monastery in Petersham, Massachusetts.  St. Benedict is depicted, as are the four Evangelists and numerous other significant Catholic Church symbols. The door was built out of quartersawn red oak by Nine Points Woodworking of Worcester,...

Carved Deacon’s Chair Rails

These two tall deacon's chair rails were created for a Lutheran Church in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts out of mahogany. The decoration is delicate ivy plants, surmounted by the letters for “the Alpha and the Omega”, meaning the Christ.

1882 Steinway Piano Restoration

This lavishly decorated 1882 Steinway piano was in nearly original condition but with damage to the delicate carvings in purpleheart wood. These carvings had been damaged by careless handling and unskillful repairs. The piano had been designed by Gilded Age artist George A. Schastey. The owner wanted it to...

Art Nouveau Tray, in Cherry

In collaboration with woodworker Kurt Piper Woodworking of Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, Dimitrios produced this serving tray in cherry wood, in the style of leading Art Nouveau designer Hector Guimard. The intent of the showpiece was to demonstrate to clients that new, original work could be produced in this style....

Ancient Classical Dolphin Finial

This piece is reproduction of a number of marble finials that surmounted an ancient (334BC) Athenian monument, the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates. The originals have long been long lost to theft, time, and/or vandalism. It stands about 26” and was produced as a center post for a table that Dimitrios...

Mahogany Rose, with Ladybugs

Carved in mahogany, these flowering and budding roses look natural in wood. Note the undercuts behind the leaves, and the ladybug crawling on a leaf, lower left. The carving was produced for a good friend and student who loved roses. The flowers represent family members. The dimensions are about twelve...

Mahogany Memorial Bas Relief

This finely detailed bas relief was commissioned as by a former student of Groton Academy as a memorial to a beloved music teacher, and placed over the entrance to the music building. The patron insisted on certain details, such as a faithful portrait of the teacher and an accurate depiction...

1902 Steinway Piano Reproduction

New York City
New York

Dimitrios collaborated with Steinway & Sons for over a year to recreate the 1902 Doheny Steinway Piano. The most famous piano manufacturer in the world is Steinway and Sons, so when the private client was deciding on commissioning a very special piano for their 400 foot...

Wine Cellar Panel

Wine cellar panel in spanish cedar. 

Basswood Picture Frame

The Smith College Art Museum, in Northampton Massachusetts, asked Dimitrios to carve this three foot by four foot frame out of basswood for a painting that they were going to send out on loan. The frame was produced in their own frame shop and shipped to the studio.

Acanthus Leaf Capital

Acanthus leaf capital carved from hickory.