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Mahogany Cabinet Pediment

Dimitrios carved this pediment in the layered style of Grinling Gibbons for a nine foot bar cabinet in a new private home in Florida. The Gibbons style calls for pigeons and wildflowers, and the patron personalized it with fish and turtles with their heads and feet withdrawn. Flanking the pediment,...

Mahogany Door Pediment

A Boston woodworker sought a pineapple and scroll overdoor pediment for the exterior of a front entrance that he built for a Greek Revival style home. Working from the designer’s sketch, Dimitrios glued up the mahogany blanks and carved the work.

French Baroque Table

This French Baroque table was carved in basswood.  It took 20 months to carve.  Dimitrios designed and built the table himself in order to ensure that the joinery best supported the carvings that were required. 

Gothic Style Baptismal Font Canopy

This small hexagonal Gothic canopy hangs over the baptismal font of a St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, in Southbridge, Massachusetts. It is carved out of oak and given a dark finish.  

Psaltery Carved from Oak

This psaltery was produced out of oak and decorated with rosettes and similar architectural ornament, including a two headed eagle.  For St. George's Roman Catholic Church in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Basswood Icon Stand

This small, portable icon stand is carved out of basswood and bears a motif of grapes (backside) and wheat, symbolizing the bread and the wine, and the Greek letters for Christ.  For a Greek Orthodox Church.

Wall Sconce in Basswood

Carved from basswood, the flowers and foliage of this free form wall sconce demonstrate the unequalled skill of the master wood carver.

Carved Walnut Sign

This Baroque style sign, carved out of walnut, stands about three feet high. It is one of Dimitrios’ earliest carved showpieces and can be seen at his studio.

Mahogany House Number Sign

Custom hand carved house number plaque, as seen in the studio.

Mother and Child Carved in Basswood

Large Mother and Child relief sculpture, as seen in the studio.

Architectural Brackets

Large architectural ornamental brackets, as seen in Dimitrios' studio. 

Carved Acanthus Finial

Was this acanthus finial carved or was it turned? Note the deep undercuts.

Basswood Overdoor Cartouche Appliqué

This basswood cartouche was one of two slightly different pieces carved and applied to trim over an interior door.

Art Deco Relief with Carved Figures

This pair of Art Deco female figures were carved in relief, out of basswood, and attached to heavy glass doors.

White Oak Leaves and Acorns Relief

White oak leaves and acorns, carved out of basswood in relief. Note low undercuts in leaves.

Eight Mahogany Persian Busts

Eight individual mahogany pieces in two rows, as seen in the studio.