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Carved Wood Appliqué

Carved applique, note the pencil lines guiding the remainder of the work.

Carved Roses in Rosewood

Hand carved rose art piece, carved from Rosewood.

Flower Basket Appliqué

Carved wood flower basket, with Lily of the Valley.

Gilded Mahogany Dolphin and Anchor

This dolphin and anchor showpiece was carved out of mahogany, the anchor then guilded in 22 carat gold leaf. The piece hangs in Dimitrios' studio. 

Greek Village Relief

Carved in basswood, by Dimitrios, this piece illustrates village life, focused on the spring, the source of life. The border is decorated with white oak leaves and acorns and the spring is shaded by a standing sugar...

Carved Baroque Picture Frame

In progress, this three foot by five foot ornate picture frame is intended for an oil reproduction of a well known masters painting.

Ionic style Icon Frame

Ionic style basswood frame with cross, as seen in Dimitrios' studio.

Carved Oak Table

This carved oak table can be seen in Dimitrios’ studio.

Cabinet with Gilded Relief Panels

This oak cabinet was built by Dimitrios in an Ionic style (note pediment) and can be seen in his studio. He is an accomplished furniture maker and cabinetmaker as well as a master wood carver. It was designed to hold a part of his studio library, the books he consults...